Caroli Omondi

Online news platforms are awash with the story of former Raila Chief of Staff Caroli Omondi ‘dumping’ Raila for Ruto. This is not news to those of us who’ve been in ODM long enough and who’ve studied Caroli during this time

Caroli Omondi warmed himself into the Raila inner circle around 2005 when he left his job as a Legal Officer at the World Bank. Thanks to his financial muscle and international connections he convinced Raila that he could mobilize resources for the 2007 Presidential elections. He also offered his house to be used as the ODM headquarters free of charge. This gesture endeared him to Raila who trusted him with very sensitive campaign and political information

Upon the setting up of the coalition government by Kibaki and Raila he was named Chief of Staff in the PM’s office. This position elevated him above most people in the Raila power axis. He became more trustworthy and was practically the second in command in the PM’s office

The relationship between Caroli and Raila broke down in 2013 after the elections when it was discovered that Caroli had set up a parallel tallying centre in Kilimani from where he relayed figures to the Uhuru tallying team. These figures are what the Uhuru team used to factor in a constant gap between Uhuru and Raila. It was also curious to the Raila team that as Uhuru was setting up his government Caroli applied for the position of a PS. How could a trusted loyalist apply for a high position in a competitors government? Had he been promised a senior government position if he played ball?

The relationship between ODM and Caroli has nosedived ever since. He started demanding rent for Orange House. He also believes that ODM rigged him out in the nomination battle against John Mbadi

In Caroli we’re dealing with a man who left long time ago and it’s good riddance

By Antony Oyugi


  1. Here is the RTGS evidence that Caroli Omondi paid his own Ksh.90million for ODM agents in 2013 elections via mpesa. Are you aware that he also set up Raila Odinga Centre( ROC) on his own property in Upperhill worth Ksh.500million as Raila’s private office for 8years? Are you aware that he paid Ksh. 125million to Toyota Kenya (Bhogals Garage Nakuru) for ODM’s campaign vehicles? Are you aware that he donated Ksh 92million to ODM candidate across Kenya. Are you aware that he donated campaign materials(T-shirts, Caps, scarfs etc) worth Ksh.214million? Are you aware that he mobilized form his friends another Ksh.175million in cash for ODM campaigns? All these payments are documented.


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