Brilliant Tips For Parents To Get Through The Hot Days With Children

Hot Days With children

When the sun is really burning, it’s a challenge, especially for parents. We have put together 10 really good practical tips that will help you get through the hot days with your children get through the hot days. Bet you didn’t know them all?

Adapt your activities and daily routine to the heat. Do as much as possible early in the morning and in the late afternoon or evening. If you can, take the kids for lunch. In addition, only plan activities with your children at lunchtime or in the early afternoon that have shade. For example, you should consciously choose playgrounds that have plenty of shade or do not go to designated sun playgrounds until the evening.

In order to keep the apartment as cool as possible, you should ventilate the apartment tomorrow and evening, darken the apartment with blinds etc. during the day and keep the windows closed in the greatest heat. You can find more good tips to keep your apartment cool in summer here.

The classic summer clothing consists of light natural materials such as cotton and linen. However, there are now also special summer functional clothing for children as an alternative. It is helpful if the clothing fits loosely – loose, light dresses are practical for girls, and wide shirts for boys.

Babies in particular are often too warmly dressed by their parents in summer. A wide body or shirt is sufficient on hot days. Babies should never be exposed to a lot of direct sun! You can find more practical tips for summer with babies here.

Sun protection is important, especially for children’s delicate skin. This includes a good children’s sunscreen with a high sun protection factor, which, however, should also be used correctly. In addition, children should always wear appropriate headgear in the blazing sun.

It has proven useful to always have a towel with you on hot days – as a shade for breaks, to be able to sit on and to dry off wet children with it.

In order to cool yourself on hot days, you should wet your forearms and also your head with lukewarm or even cold water. The evaporative cooling helps here. This is common in hot Asian countries.

As a leisure activity with children on hot days, playing with and by the water has proven itself – whether in the swimming pool, at the bathing lake, in a water playground, a paddling pool or a water play table. UV shirts for children have proven themselves as protection against the sun and against hypothermia. Caution: parents should always keep an eye on their children when playing by the water.

Children should drink a lot, especially in summer. It is not recommended to have ice cold drinks. Water or diluted fruit juices are ideal. It should also be remembered that when you sweat, the body excretes a lot of minerals and these have to be replaced, for example by eating bananas.

Plastic sandals, which can also get wet and are easy to wash off, have proven themselves as summer shoes for children. However, parents should pay attention to the quality of the shoes when buying them (pollutants, fumes) and the shoes should not get too hot in the sun.

This tips should help you get through a hot day with your Children.

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