Brazil President Bolsonaro in the polls high despite Coronavirus

Brazil President in polls high despite coronavirus

Internationally, Brazil’s President Bolsonaro is heavily criticized. Also because of his casual approach to the corona pandemic. But the corona crisis in particular has given the head of state better poll results than ever before. At home the Brazil President is polls high despite the Coronavirus

These numbers are also somewhat surprising for Brazil’s news channel: 37 percent approval for Jair Bolsonaro – the president had never done so well in polls since taking office.

Bolsonaro has been heavily criticized abroad: because he has given lumberjacks, cattle breeders and gold panners real license to cut down forests in the Amazon region. And because he downplayed the corona pandemic from the start and always spoke out against contact restrictions, distance rules or closings of public places.

But the Brazilians do well with their president’s policy despite the Coronavirus. Valdo Cruz, capital correspondent for GloboNews sees the reason in the relatively generous Corona emergency aid: “The approval comes from people who actually did not vote for him, but are now happy about the Corona aid. As in the northeast, where Bolsonaro was able to increase by six percentage points – in other words, in a region that was previously its weak point. “

37 percent of the population think his office is good or very good, significantly more than in previous surveys. The proportion of Brazilians who oppose his policy fell from 44 to 34 percent, according to the latest poll by the “Folha de Sao Paulo”, the country’s most widely read newspaper.

Bolsonaro scores with a less aggressive demeanor

The north-east of Brazil has always been considered a stronghold of the left, but the changes in the polls are now particularly evident there. Since April, 40 percent of the adult population has been receiving emergency aid of 600 real a month. This is only about 100 euros, but the amount is much higher than originally planned and for many poor Brazilians that is a lot of money. In addition: Bolsonaro not only distributes money, he has also been more conciliatory and less aggressive in recent weeks.

Bolsonaro voters who were put off by his aggressive demeanor are now coming back for giving up his attacks on social media, Cruz said: “This group now gives him high marks because he has changed his tone and acts differently – especially after he and his sons became the target of investigations: the Supreme Court, the Federal Police. The fact that he is now changing his style is having a positive effect on the voters. “

Only those who opted for business-friendly policies are now dissatisfied, especially Economics Minister Paulo Guedes. He criticizes that the country will soon run out of funds to continue paying the emergency aid. From his point of view, a smaller amount should have been set in advance.

That is why the commentator Ana Flor on GloboNews also warns: “The aid has had a positive effect on the low-income groups. But it expires at the end of August after five installments. The government wants to extend it until the end of the year, but at a lower value. And ever the more you lower it, the more dissatisfied this population group becomes. “

An open dispute has broken out in the government about how long and how much emergency aid will continue to be paid. The political balance sheet is mixed. Brazil’s economy has not crashed as badly as that of other countries in South America. But for months, Brazil has been the country worst hit by the pandemic after the US – with more than 3.2 million infected and more than 106,000 dead.

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