Betty Kyalo wants to get married

K24 news anchor has gotten over Dennis Okari and is ready to marry again. The two got married in a very lavish wedding but the union barely lasted 2 years. Their honeymoon was also very well-publicized.

Last year, she revealed that she was under pressure from her mother to move on with her life.”My mom wants me to bring someone home. I miss being with someone and want to settle down. My mum is always asking me when I will wear my next gown”, she said.

The pressure has worn her down and she is now ready if what she opened up on her Instagram live interaction with her huge following is anything to go by. She told her fans base that she had learned from her mistakes of the past. 

“ I didn’t want to get married after the divorce, I now know what went wrong and I can be better and know what to look for in somebody. I am starting to warm up to the thought of marriage because for me it was a no,” she stated.

During the live interaction, she humored her fans by informing them that she still talks to her exes but only when she is drunk and the communication with them is not aimed at a reunion. 

The ever-smiling woman had told a media house that she wanted to take time to package herself as a businesswoman, a mum, and a potential partner in life. So that when she got back to the dating scene, she would bring something to the table.

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