Barcelona Football Club

Barcelona Football club

Barcelona Football club is like Kenya, living in past glory. When other teams were busy building teams for the future, investing in the youth, thinking about the future, Barcelona kept gloating that it was the biggest and best team.

Then, age caught up with the stars. The team has an average age of 30 years. The legs are tired. Before they knew it, they were being thrashed 8 – 2.

I’m a resident of both Kenya and Uganda. In 2018, I moved my business to Uganda, not because I love Uganda, but business has a higher chance of survival than in Kenya.

Yesterday, I shared about the Bukwo Dam, a project that cost only 1 billion. Another Dam in Mt Elgon also being completed in a few weeks time also costs 1 billion. 2 Dams costing 2 billion and producing same power as 2 Dams a few kilometers away in Kenya that cost 63 billion.

Instead of Kenyans asking questions about the big difference in cost – (90 %goes to fund corruption) they are quick to defend their tribal kingpins.
I have also asked questions about the banning of a particular drug in Kenya, yet it has proved to be effective in Uganda and Tanzania in fighting the pandemic.

Actually the pandemic is just a small Homa that can be easily managed simple procedures like identifying the vulnerable and giving them the medicine, and leaving everyone else to operate as usual.
If things were really bad, we would have seen mass Graves in our neighboring countries.

You can clearly see that Kenya is ruled by self interest, and not public good.
Let me give you more examples.
Cost of motor vehicles has been triple in Kenya, compared to Uganda and Tanzania.

In 2008,when I wanted to get involved in Transportation of Fish from Lake Turkana, I was forced to get a Ugandan registered Lorry UAJ 144z. It was a 10 tone Fuso Fighter that was 15 years old. A one tone Pick up in Kenya costs the same as a 10 tone Lorry.
So, a Ugandan Farmer has advantages in transportation compared to a Kenyan Farmer.

Why are vehicles 3 or 4 times more expensive in Kenya? Elite Interest. Since 1970s, the top cream of Kenya invested in motor vehicle assembly. To protect their business, the super rich elite have ensured that cars are expensive.

Look at animal feed. Chicken feed is five times cheaper in Uganda, compared to Kenya. Electricity for manufacturers is cheaper and industrial parks are coming up. The impact is seen in cheap Ugandan produce.

We should be very careful, lest we become like Barcelona Football club, and we become the whipping Boys in the region.

We need to operate openly without self interest. We need a system that puts strategic National interest first.

Imagine we have maintained our top position in spite of having selfish leaders. Now imagine how far and fast we can go with selfless Leaders

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