Barcelona fans protest at Camp Nou

Barcelona fans protest outside Nou Camp

Angry Barcelona fans protested at Nou camp. After the news of the more than likely farewell of the Argentine captain, hundreds of Blaugrana supporters reached the ‘Camp Nou’ positioning themselves in front of the entrance leading to the club offices. Barcelona fans have expressed all their anger, demanding the resignation of president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

If in Milan the Inter fans welcomed the news of Leo Messi’s decision with a smile, in Barcelona the Blaugrana fans instead reacted by pouring into the street, reaching the ‘Camp Nou’ and positioning themselves threateningly in front of the entrance leading to the offices of the club. Dozens of Catalan supporters have in fact shouted all their anger at the farewell of the Argentine, clamoring for the resignation of the current president Josep Maria Bartomeu and begging the Ballon d’Or in the office to reconsider and stay in Spain.

The effect of the news, relaunched in the late afternoon by the television broadcaster TYC Sports, would have in the meantime provoked the spontaneous farewell of some members of the club’s board of directors and the reaction of others who would instead want to discourage the current number one of the company. All within hours of Laporta’s very tough stance: Bartomeu’s former president and first rival for next year’s presidential elections. “I suspect they want to sell Messi, and this would be a historic mistake – wrote on social media Laporta – Poor Barça in the hands of these incompetents”.

The support of former comrade Puyol for Messi

The angry reaction of the fans was also followed by the embarrassed and amazed one of some teammates and former teammates of the ‘Flea’. Above all that of Carles Puyol: former captain alongside Leo Messi in many sports battles. The former Blaugrana player reacted to the news with a supportive tweet towards the Argentine: “Respect and admiration, Leo. All my support, friend”.

After days spent reflecting on his future, and after the interview with the new coach Koeman, Leo Messi has therefore arrived at a sensational and historic decision: a choice that will inevitably ‘condition’ not only his career as a footballer, but also that of husband and father of a family now transplanted to Barcelona for almost twenty years.

Will Messi stay at after Barcelona fans protest at Nou Camp

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