Awful moment, a SNAKE is removed from a woman’s throat

Awful moment, snake removed from woman's throat

Awful moment, 4ft SNAKE is removed from a Russian woman’s throat after crawling into her mouth while sleeping. Woman felt bad after a snake slipped inside her home in Dagestan.

Doctors removed a snake after inserting a tube down the throat in hospital. The reptile was placed in a bucket but it was not clear if it was still alive.

Awful footage shows the moment a 4-foot snake was removed from the mouth of a Russian woman after slipping inside her while she was sleeping.

The serpent slithered inside her as she dozed in the courtyard of her residence in the village of Levashi in Dagestan, according to reports.

Feeling unwell, the young woman was dashed to the hospital where she was placed under general anesthesia. The pictures show the gloved hands of a male doctor removing the snake after putting in a tube down his throat.

The serpent is held back by a horrified doctor (right) at a hospital in Russia. The snake is extracted from the woman’s mouth with a black tube (left) and is held by a horrified doctor (right) at a hospital in Russia

Doctor holding the snake

As the unusual operation is performed, one of the medics is heard off-camera saying, “Let’s see what it is.”A female doctor grabs the snake with a horrified expression on her face as it is pulled from the woman’s mouth.

She jumps back in surprise and the medical staff howl as they realize the long length of the snake inside the patient. The reptile is then placed in a medical bucket, but it is not known whether the snake is still alive or how long it has been inside the woman.

The health ministry of Dagestan, a mountainous republic bordering the Caspian Sea, did not comment. The snake was taken out of the woman’s mouth while she was under general anesthesia

The snake was put in a bucket but it is not known if it was dead or alive

Operation: The snake was taken out of the woman’s mouth while she was under general anesthesia (left), before being put into a bucket (right).

Locals say such incidents rarely occur and older citizens are advising young people not to sleep outside due to the risk of snakes slipping into their mouths.

The patient has not been identified and the type of snake has not been specified. The village of Levashi has a population of 11,500 and sits at an elevation of 4,165 feet.

Some commentators have claimed that the creature could be a parasite or a giant worm, but it looks too big for that. Other victims complained about “something alive” inside them after snakes slipped into their mouths.

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