Archbishop of Canterbury request on the portrayal of Jesus and Catholicism

Archbishop of Canterbury request on Jesus

The Archbishop of Canterbury request for the portrayal of Jesus as white is very interesting. There has been a lot of debates about Jesus over centuries. Infact one of the most intense debate was about the Holy Trinity.

When I read about the Archbishops proposal, I thought about it and remembered my Catholic catechism. What is important is not how Jesus looked like, but to know Jesus and to believe and trust in him.

Jesus portrayed as a black man

Jesus is God. As such you can not describe him using the normal tribal lenses. Though he acquired human flesh in order to teach and save us,!

Jesus was there from the beginning. He is the Word as St. John’s says in his Gospel. The book of Colossians tells us that Jesus , the first born was there when all were being created! He was there when it was decided ,” to create man in our image.’

Jesus carrying the cross

At one point Jesus posed a question to his apostles: ” who do people say I am?” He did not ask them, ” how do u look?’.

Though born within the Jews set up, Jesus showed us the need for respect of other communities. I remember the He gave water to the Samaritan woman. He preached and mixed with people from many communities.

He dispelled the notion that he had come to be the earthly King. He told us that the Gospel will be rejected by the Jews and will be readily accepted by the Gentiles. He explained to us the nature of the Church, as being made up of the head and other body parts , all being important!

He is the only begotten Son of God who laid down his life , so that we can be saved!


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