Apple is worth $2 trillion dollars

Apple is worth $2 trillion

Apple is writing Wall Street history again: In just two years, the tech company’s stock market value has doubled to more than $2 trillion dollars. This mark has never been broken in the USA.

As the first US company and the second group ever, Apple has achieved a market value of more than two trillion dollars. With an increase in the share price by more than five percent within one trading day to a good 467 dollars, Apple cracked the magic mark – just two years after the technology company had achieved a market value of more than one trillion dollars for the first time.

Apple Shares UP 60 Percent This Year

The closure of factories in China and all Apple stores worldwide due to the corona pandemic has put the company away well and can be more than satisfied with the results in the second quarter. Many loyal Apple customers bought their devices online. Apple shares are up nearly 60 percent this year.

The oil production company Saudi Aramco was the first company worldwide to reach a market value of two trillion dollars shortly after its IPO in December 2019. The shares of the Saudi company were also lost due to the drop in oil prices. The current market value is $ 1.82 trillion

Apple is the first company in the U.S. to hit a $2 trillion valuation.

What has left people baffled: Apple added $1 trillion in price over the past 21 weeks, while worldwide the economy shrank rapidly than ever before in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The value of 50 countries’ GDP is equal to that of Tim Cooke’s apple. The only company worth $ 2 trillion after Saudi aramco dropped to $1.78. Trillion. It is phenomenal that apple has jumped 110% from the March lows.

It took Apple 42 years to reach $1 trillion in value – and just two more to get to $2 trillion.

GAFAM’s market cap is almost $7 Trillion. If GAFAM were a country, they would be 3rd behind the US and China and higher than Japan.

Steve Jobs laid a good foundation for this company but Tim Cook deserves as much credit!

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