3 sacrificed for Waiguru to go Scot Free

Ann Waiguru acquitted by Senate select committee

It came as no surprise to Kenyans when the Senate found Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, innocent in her impeachment trial. This ended the futile attempts of Kirinyaga MCAs bid to kick her out of office. Kenyans were also not surprised that someone had to be sacrificed for Waiguru to go Scot free.

In the infamous NYS scandal, it was Peter Mangini and the Hairdresser who became scapegoats.

The Senators ruled that they did not link her to the crime or substantiate their claims against her.

Quoting Cleophas Malala’s submissions, “The senate select Committee has investigated the matter in accordance with its mandate under section 33(4) of the County Governments Act and standing order 75(2) of the Senate Standing Orders reports to the Senate that it finds that the charges against the Governor have not been substantiated.”

The Kirinyaga MCAs had accused Ann Waiguru of having received Sh10.6 million in imprest for foreign travel to Italy and the United States of America and Italy, in the pretext of meeting potential buyers for Kirinyaga coffee.

In her Defence, Ann Waiguru produced photos to prove that she really went to the states.

The committee invited the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and to investigate Kirinyaga County tenders. A regular social media user had predicted this accurately earlier in the day.

Muthui Mkenya @MuthuiMkenya Twitter handle

As has been the norm with cases surrounding Ann Waiguru, a man from Nyanza became the fall guy for her to go free. The select senate committee asked for the prosecution of the County Supply Chain Management Director of a kirinyanga County, Joseph Carolus Otieno, and tender committee members Wayne Gichira and Pauline Kamau.

The committee further directed that the three should step aside.

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