Andrew Kibe sacked by Radio Africa and Jalang’o moves on swiftly

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

The Man who women love to hate, Andrew Kibe has been sacked by Radio Africa group owned Kiss FM.

In a statement to his fans, he said, “I gave my notice three months ago because I was being censored on the content I could put out on national radio.” But insiders informed Lion Net News that his ratings were down and the management decided he had to go.

Kibe is known for his abrasive sentiments that hit women hard. He will now focus on his brand on digital platforms. He thanked the station and said he had a good run at the station.

“ I can put out whatever I want without on Social media without censorship, on radio, there are things that I could not say,” he noted “Content creation is my next frontier,” he said. He was grateful for the time he has worked alongside his co-host Kamene Goro. They have been a partnership since their days at NRG. He wished her well and welcomed her to the digital space.

Last week, Geopoll released a poll that indicated that Kamene and Kibe’s breakfast show was 6th as the most listened to morning shows. Radio Africa management was not impressed.

Meanwhile, the grapevine is abuzz with news that the recently sacked Comedian Felix Odiwuor, aka Jalang’o, will partner Kamene Goro on the morning slot.


Just three days ago, Jalang’o hinted that he would be heading back to were he started

He told his fans that he had had a long talk with his first-ever boss on radio Patrick Quarcoo.

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