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An open Letter to H.E Kalonzo Musyoka, Former Vice President

Kalonzo Musyoka, Former Vice President

Hello H. E Kalonzo Musyoka, Former Vice president, am writing this recognizing you as a family man and a political leader. First and foremost I want to congratulate you, and your son Kevin for the appointment in the tourism regulatory authority as a board member. I wish him well as he serves the nation.

Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka, Former Vice President, am concerned about your leadership traits in this nation. I know young Kenyans attribute you as their role model, a thing I praise. Serving the nation as Vice President, a minister, a member of parliament, and as a lawyer are key positions we see in the goggle that you once served.

Sir, as a scholar I have learned some issues in leadership that are compulsory for all leaders. First, as a leader you must have respect for the community, secondly, you need to be a man of integrity, third you should have good communication skills and courage.

Sir, with due respect I want to address you publicly.

I have been following your moves since 1992 and am not a happy man, leave alone a happy soul. Your leadership has disturbed my mind for a while, and am forced to speak out.

Sir, what contributions do the second most senior person in a Government offer to the state? What does a Cabinet Secretary, formerly branded Minister do? Apart from defending, supporting government bills, opposing bills from the minority in parliament, what does a Member of Parliament do?

I understand during your times as MP in 2002 – 2007 there was a birth of the CDF act. Am not interested to know what you did with the allocation you got.

My main issue remains your achievement since 1992 compared to other leaders in the nation. I Am confused about whom I should compare you with.

In Ukambani, people are crying for your neglect since they saw MULU MUTISYA quit politics. Is it that Mulu cursed the generation? I bet no. Did Mulu anoint an unqualified person to lead the Kamba nation? You have the answer. Was Mulu Mutisya during Moi regime fighting Kamba elected Members of Parliament? This is NO. Did Mulu, though an MP lobby for development project in his region? The answer is evident, YES.

Mr. STEVE, why you? We can’t feel your impact. Have witnessed Current Machakos Governor, Dr. Alfred Mutua declare his ambition to lead the Kamba nation in the state negotiations and presidency come 2022 but you fought him.

Through your wiper party, you have been creating confusion moments in Kitui County so as you derail Governor Charity Ngilu to perform and serve through her manifesto. Makueni Governor, Prof Kivutha Kibwana is being forced and urged by Kenyans to head the nation through ballot (presidency) come 2022 but you are daily tarnishing him and pulling him back. What kind of a leader are you?

Kenyans have noted how you always push and bargain for your sons, relatives to get government jobs through the Kamba name instead of empowering other families on how to raise and get into power. Do you really speak and stand for the community?

This letter is to inform you that you are a disgrace to the community.
A concerned Kenyan, Francis

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