Akothee pays rent for a comedian who has been sneaking to sleep in a cold hall


Akothee learned a local comedian has been sleeping in a very cold hall on the Jalang’o show, “talk with Jalas”. Jalas was hosting Zeddy a comedian who spoke of why comedians are dying.

According to Zeddy, a comedian who could not afford to pay for his own rent, had resorted to sleeping in a hall.


Akothee then stepped to help the comedian by paying his rent arrears. The queen of single mothers stepped up to the plate and extended her philanthropic hand to a struggling comedian said to be going through a rough patch in his life.

The songstress who withheld the name of the comedian said the comedian had been sneaking to sleep in a very cold hall for lack of a better place to stay.

In her social media pages, Akothee told her fans that the comedian was forced to sleep in the hall because his house had been locked over rent arrears. ‘

“Right now as we speak, a comedian is sleeping in a hall, he has been kicked out from his house, I have no idea how long he has been sleeping in the hall with this Nairobi cold. I have sent people to go fetch him, I clear his rent arrears today so he can go back home. Kenyans are suffering,” she wrote

Another said the comedian’s situation had broken her heart. Another told her fans that she had already rolled out plans to help the comedian by paying his rent.

”I will buzz senior government officials who are my friends and ask them if they can assist me with something I top up with what I have.

The singer admitted that indeed many comedians are suffering in silence and had slipped into depression.

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